The following are excerpts from a sampling of testimonials from leaders of organizations Jacque has served.  To read the entire recommendation or for more testimonials, please contact Jacque directly.

“Almost immediately I saw Jacque’s skill and ability to proactively identify issues and manage intense, complicated media inquiries on a range of complex topics. I also observed her ability to interact swiftly and easily to manage our relationship with the Governor’s Communications Office. She has a keen understanding of the relationship between media coverage and the political landscape, and knows the importance of stakeholder relationships.”

Cheryl Strange, Secretary, Washington State Department of Corrections

“I have come to rely on Jacque’s recommendations based on her expertise and my confidence in her track record to consistently achieve positive results. I have often designated Jacque as the lead on crisis issues; that decision has proven wise. Her ability to work quickly and strategically under pressure has been impressive.”

Christopher Liu, Director, Washington’s Lottery

“One of the biggest impacts we experienced when Jacque arrived was her strategic counsel. I directed her to manage a controversial citizen committee dealing with an equity issue, join a leadership team to manage a strategic plan process and provide support for bargaining a teacher’s contract. In each instance, she made a significant impact to a very positive outcome.”

Dr. Amalia Cudeiro, Superintendent, Bellevue School District

“Jacque became a fierce ally for the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect (EDIR) initiatives that I was leading. In a very difficult time in Corrections, Jacque brought to her role clear decision making, passionate storytelling, and a strong commitment to truth and inclusiveness in the department’s communications.”

Dr. Adrian Thompson, Chief Equity Officer, Washington Department of Enterprise Services

“She is highly knowledgeable in the area of strategic communications and public relations. Her work in guiding outreach to our diverse community has been invaluable in creating important partnerships. As our executive responsible for communications, she has developed positive and essential working relationships with the media. Through this effort, we have a proactive approach with media relations and have increased the rate of positive news placement about student and district successes. I have especially appreciated her focus on effective issue and crisis management.”

Dr. Tim Mills, Superintendent, Bellevue School District

“I learned so much about how to do my job, and how to do it better, by watching Jacque do hers. She always encouraged me to do my best, and provided countless opportunities to help me grow as a professional. I always knew I could approach her with questions, input or concerns. She valued my ideas and I welcomed her guidance and advice. I am pleased to offer my recommendation of Jacque Coe.”

Sara Schwartz, Communications Manager, Bellevue School District

“With Jacque leading our Communications department, we’ve seen dramatic changes in a short period of time.  Jacque has significantly raised the bar in our Communications department with a new level of professionalism, experience and expertise.  And she has done so with an infectious passion for excellence combined with fun.”

Ken Nakamura, Director, Washington’s Lottery

“When a powerful group of stakeholders became hostile about the Lottery’s marketing message regarding education contributions, an outreach campaign led by Jacque was successful in neutralizing the negative direction of those stakeholders, who have now become supportive of the Lottery’s efforts to communicate accurately and effectively.  Further, she used the opportunity to launch a statewide campaign about where Lottery dollars go, which has been extremely well-received and crucial to the work of the Director and Legislative Liaison in improving and building relationships with state lawmakers.  She is strategic in nature—choosing to take a long-term view when making decisions which can often be a challenge in a fast-moving agency.”

Michael Cousins, Director of Marketing, Washington’s Lottery

“Working with members of the Alliance board of directors and the wide range of businesses, donors and volunteers who support our work, Jacque has a valuable network of contacts that she uses effectively and with appropriate discretion.  She has developed solid working relationships with external consultants and vendors supporting Alliance publications and events and has been remarkably successful in negotiating contracts and securing in-kind donations to stretch our limited marketing budget. Her high energy level and dedication to our mission has been a benefit to the entire organization.”

Robin Pasquarella, President & CEO, Alliance for Education

“She was also able to significantly increase the awareness of the Alliance in the community.  Her skill and ability to develop marketing strategies, create and place messages and analyze research were extremely valuable to our effort.  Jacque also led a branding strategy initiative that helped us understand our most critical audiences and the key messages we needed to communicate.”

Rodney Wheeler, Director of Development, Alliance for Education

“She has worked to move the Alliance for Education from merely basic communications activities to strategic marketing tactics to achieve results.  Working with Jacque, I’m proud of the awareness levels we’ve been able to achieve in part through Jacque’s vision, planning, focus, and dedication to quality.  But most of all, Jacque made this happen seemingly overnight.  She sets a goal and moves forward quickly to accomplish that goal, usually with tremendous benefit to the organization.”

Roger Percy, Board of Directors, Alliance for Education

“A natural planner, Jacque approaches a situation with high goals, looks for opportunities, identifies and deals with risks and challenges, gains the input of others and develops a plan.  Once she has that plan, she assembles her resources and leads team members through the process toward the end goal.  She is constantly pro-active and always has a “Plan B,” as well as a “Plan C” ready if necessary.”

Kathleen Miller, President, Blue Emu Communications

“Jacque was always able to massage personalities and pressures to achieve the needed results in a professional way, which earned her respect.  Jacque’s ability to think strategically, plan ahead, and be thorough constantly helped the KING news team remain ahead of the competition.”

Ed White, Assignment Editor, KING-TV