Washington’s Lottery best testimonial was the evidence of Lottery winners, who could speak first hand to the thrill of winning the Lottery, and speak to prospective customers through common dreams and emotions. But the Lottery was not pursuing winner stories to its’ full potential. Press conferences for winners were rarely held, and earned media was not occurring at the level to its obvious potential. The public clearly enjoyed hearing winner stories, especially those that were unique, but with elements most people could relate to.

Jacque Coe developed a new winner awareness process to enable Lottery regional offices to better optimize the experience and news of lottery winners, within the comfort zone of the winners themselves. New processes were developed to better explain to winners the pros and cons of speaking with media, and the benefit of sharing their stories. Lottery staff were trained to interview winners more fully, take photos with a newly designed Lottery ‘Big Check’, and overall, ensure that winners, their family, and lottery staff have fun with the experience. Few winners ever complained afterwards of any negative impacts from sharing their story publicly, since all lottery winner names and prize amounts are a matter of public record for citizens and the media.

Winners of prize amounts large and small were optimized, with dramatic results. The new process increased the publicity rate for winners by 40{adbb7e631a0c26494fad506504930a8cade10788e943d86ba4a9eaacc4472a81}, and secured positive news stories approximately 80{adbb7e631a0c26494fad506504930a8cade10788e943d86ba4a9eaacc4472a81} of the time. The new procedures built a greater level of trust and relationship between the Lottery and their winners, customers, media and legislators. The increase in publicity also showed the public that the Lottery was transparent and willing to speak publicly about winners, but revenues and operations. The new level of media transparency helped to build trust and confidence, and negative news stories dwindled as a result.