powerball-jumpWhen the multi-state lottery game Powerball came to Washington State, the move called for a fun PR game to separate Powerball from the already existing multi-state game Washington was currently selling, Mega Millions. The launch needed to be visually compelling, with explanations for new as well as experienced Lottery customers.

The launch had to be fun, visual but inexpensive. Jacque Coe tapped a relationship with another state lottery to borrow their mascot, ‘Ball.’ Visual opportunities for media were created by introducing Ball through high-profile populated public locations such as Sea-Tac Airport, the Link Light Rail and Pike Place Market and holding the press conference at Westlake Center, allowing customers to visualize Powerball in a fun way at familiar Washington State venues. The results? The PR launch of Powerball secured 5,386,548 media impressions which translated to an estimated advertising value of nearly $67,000.00.