The School of Visual Concepts is rooted in the classic art of letterpress printing. Each year, the school hosts an event which pits creative graphic design agencies against each other in a friendly competition to design an amazing poster in letterpress style, and have it printed in the school parking lot by a one ton steamroller.

The school called Jacque Coe to help draw awareness of the event and generate publicity. Jacque recruited a volunteer to place announcements in local papers to spread the word, but knew that alone wouldn’t attract the type of press SVC desired. Jacque developed a creative strategy to appeal to local television stations using the talents of SVC students. Using clay, students shaped miniature likenesses of the local weekend TV anchors and invited TV station photographers out to videotape their station anchors being flattened like a pancake.

Media loved the concept. Nine internet media outlets include Seattle Times, Stranger, Lake Union blog, and others listed the event and all four local TV stations showed up and aired stories. Attendance at the event doubled with presence by families with children and members of the graphic design community. Now that’s a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.