An examination of web statistics and anecdotal inquires indicated people seeking information about the Bellevue School District were located all over the country, and the globe. To be competitive in attracting parents moving into the Puget Sound region, Bellevue needed to tell its’ story. Jacque Coe launched a project to deliver an easy but high quality video for internal and external stakeholders to tell the story, through the words of teachers, students and staff.  Further, an additional marketing video and digital strategy would be developed to enable human resource staff to recruit a diverse pool of employees in a competitive marketplace.  The overview and recruitment videos were linked on the district website for ease of stakeholders and staff to link to and share over social media.  In addition, individual videos of specific job categories (bus driver, custodian, coach, etc.) were developed internally to celebrate staff, inspire fellow employees and make it easy for everyone to share as the district recruited for positions.  The overview video, located on the district’s second tier About Us page, was being viewed an average of nine times a day in the first 9O days of launch.